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Supply List 

RES 5th Grade Supply List

Individual Supplies

3 Ring Pencil Pouch for AVID Binder Scissors

#2 Pencils Black pens (2)

Crayons (24 pack) and Colored Pencils Headphones/Earbuds (12 Pack)

Glue sticks



School Supplies

1-Three ring binder (3 inches) No Trapper Keepers

1-Three ring binder (1 Inch) NO TRAPPER KEEPERS

4 pocket folders with holes to put in the binder

6 one subject notebooks

1 marble composition book

2 packages of loose leaf paper

Dividers (we will need at least 15)

1 Box of 50 sheet protectors


All supplies are needed on the first day of school. We will begin with organizational skills on the first day.

Please make sure your child has a constant supply of paper and pencils throughout the school year.

We recommend that you do not purchase back packs that roll. They are very heavy when traveling up and down the stairs and therefore pose a safety concern. Also, we have limited space in the classroom for storage. Student’s book bags will be hung on the back of their chair. Rolling book bags do not hang well and take up space.


  • Kleenex
  • Clorox Wipes
  • Pencil Sharpener for the class
  • Recess equipment (kick ball, soccer ball, etc.)
  • Copy Paper